Auto Wheel Trims

Auto Wheel Trims

Auto wheel trims are metallic decorative trim that is fitted over or around the wheels of a motor vehicle. These trims help in designing of vehicles so that they can appear more beautiful. Car owners opt to fix their vehicles with the auto wheel trims so that as the car is moving it can look cute and distinctive from other cars. This decorative disk does cover the hub which is the central part of a wheel. The auto wheel trims are fitted on the wheel using bolts and nuts or using fasteners which attach them tightly on the wheel.

In the ancient times, auto wheel trims were first used on a carriage that was called Newton Reaction in 1680. At first, they were known as the grease or dust caps. The ancient car trims were made from a nickel-plated brass. They were used to prevent entry of dust into the wheel that would block the wheels. Over years, the trims have evolved and new designs continue to get into the market. The purposes of the car trims have changed and rather than been used as a dust or grease caps they are now been used as decorations on the car wheel.

Companies have been formed to produce the auto wheel trims. Car price has lowered as well as the fuel prices and people have been able to purchase more vehicles over the recent years. Increase in the number of motor vehicles has resulted to increase in the demand of auto wheel trims. New and more companies are being formed and this can be asserted by different trademarks found on the car trims. Cars appear more attractive when fitted with the trims on the wheels. The auto wheel trims can either be metallic or be made of plastic but many car owners opt fitting the plastic ones due to their pleasing designs which make them look more beautiful.

Wheel trims are of different designs. The Non-rotating hubcap is one of them. This hubcap retains its orientation even when the car is moving. They are not designed to rotate independent of the wheel rotation and messages or advertisements can be read as the car is in motion. For example, Rolls-Royce is fitted with this type of a trim and while the car moves, one can be able to read the Car’s logo which is RR. Taxis, commercial vehicles, golf carts or race cars are among the types that are fitted with the non-rotating hubcap so that messages can be easily passed out to people.

The Nave plate is another type of wheel trims. This trim is a large hubcap that looks like a plate and does cover the entire wheel of the vehicle. This kind of a trim was mostly used in the early twentieth century. Car wheels had rims that were made of wires and this hubcap was used to cover the wires. They helped in promoting the appearance of the vehicles by making them look modern and streamlined. This hubcap also helped in keeping the wheels clean where they would block entry of dust into the wheels. Auto wheel trims have been very essential over the years and their decorative nature is the main reason why they are fitted on car wheels.