Watersports Equipment and Accessories

Watersports Equipment and Accessories

Water sport are a fun way to get some exercise while enjoying yourself out in the open water. There are a number of different watersports available, all of which require different equipment. This article takes a look at some of the most common equipment and accessories used in watersports, and it has information on where you can purchase them from Aquarama Norway.


Waterskis are available is a range of shapes, styles, and sizes. There are also water ski accessories available, such as waterski gloves to protect the hands, and waterski covers so that you can transport the skis easily. There are also waterski charms available, which can be used to display your love for the sport https://www.aquarama.no/sommerferie.


Wakeboarding is a popular water sport which involves riding a large single platform, known as a wakeboard, over water. The wakeboarder is towed by a high power motor boat in order to get some speed. Like waterskis, wakeboards are available in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes. You can purchase wakeboard packages, which include the board and the boots often at a discounted price. Wakeboard ride ropes are strong ropes which are designed to be held onto by the wakeboarder and attached to the back of a boat. Stickers can be used to customize your wakeboard and make it unique.

Airchair and Sky Skis

An Airchair is a special piece of equipment that is similar in style to a wakeboard, but underneath it has an attached stick and blade, and on the top half there is a chair where you can sit. The Airchair is attached to the back of a boat, and when it starts to pick up speed you can almost float in the air. Airchairs are extremely fun to use, although beginners may require some practice to be able to master them. A Sky Ski is just another popular brand that is similar in style to the Airchair https://www.aquarama.no/bad/info.

Inflatable Tubes

Inflatable tubes are blow up rings which are designed to be towed over water at high speeds. Inflatable tube pumps are available to easily pump up the tubes. There is also repair glue and valves if you need to patch up a tube that has been punctured.

Specialist Clothing

Specialist watersport clothing can include wetsuits and drysuits. Popular wetsuit brands include Williams, Zee, Rip Curl, Moomba and Jet pilot, while famous dry suits include Hot and Dry and Intensity.

If you want to purchase any of the above equipment or accessories, then it is best to go directly to a specialist watersport equipment supplier. You can find a specialist supplier by searching for them online. All major retailers will have a website which will list photographs and details of the products that they offer, along with their contact details. Some websites will even let you order the products online, and then they will ship them directly to your door. They may also be able to advise you on the best local places to practice, and where to have watersports lessons.